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ACCA salary in India | Everything Explained in Detail !


Before moving on to the ACCA salary in India let’s have a quick introduction to ACCA, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, which is an internationally recognized qualification for accounting and finance professionals across the globe. With its global qualifications, ACCA gives you a competitive edge over other financial professionals with nonACCA qualifications. In India, this holds true as well – getting an ACCA qualification can open up numerous career opportunities and earning potential.

The global recognition of ACCA qualifications is one of their most attractive benefits. Professionals with ACCA certifications are highly sought after in a variety of industries around the world, making them some of the most in-demand professionals in the field. This recognition also comes with high salaries and job security – many companies offer higher pay packages to those who have completed their ACCA course than those who don’t have any qualifications at all or ones that aren’t as acclaimed as ACCA’s globally.

But getting an ACCA qualification isn’t just about making more money it gives you key skills that are essential to your professional development. It helps to build up your knowledge base in accounting and finance, giving you more confidence in your work. Furthermore, the courses also provide you with network contacts within the industry who can provide access to valuable resources and industry insights which can be helpful for advancing your career.

By becoming an ACCA-qualified professional, you open yourself up to endless possibilities for personal development and career progression paths. You will gain more confidence from being part of a larger professional network that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Additionally, it provides access to specialized resources and knowledge that can help you progress quickly within your chosen profession.

ACCA salary in India For Freshers

ACCA salary in India For Freshers

As an ACCAqualified professional, you may be curious about the ACCA salary in India you can expect to earn in India. With a solid foundation in accounting and finance, an ACCA qualification can open up many opportunities for career growth and significant financial rewards. In this part of the blog, we will provide details on what kind of ACCA salary in India you can expect to make as a fresher with an ACCA certification in India.

When it comes to the ACCA salary in India for freshers, there are several factors that contribute to your earning power. The most important factor is the type of job role you pursue. According to a survey conducted by PayScale, executives working at top Fortune 500 companies can expect an average ACCA salary in India for freshers of Rs 5 lakhs – Rs 20 lakhs per annum, while entry-level employees can earn Rs 3 lakhs – Rs 10 lakhs per annum. However, these figures vary depending on the sector and location in which you are employed.

In addition to the job role, the industry you work in can also have a huge impact on your salary potential as an ACCA-qualified graduate. One survey found that accountants with ACCA qualifications working within banking and finance earned between Rs 4-7 lakhs per year on average, while accountants with the same qualifications working within consulting and business services earned significantly more between Rs 6 -Rs11 lakhs per year on average.

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ACCA salary in India for Professionals

AACCA salary in India for Professionals

When it comes to ACCA salary in India for professionals, an ACCA qualification can make a real difference in India. Not only will it give you access to higher paying jobs, but also demonstrate that you’re committed to improving your skill set. How much salary difference will depend on multiple factors such as experience and education level. Generally speaking, however, those with an ACCA qualification tend to earn more than their counterparts without the accreditation.

In terms of specific ACCA salary in India for those with certificates, there are likely to be variations depending on job role, industry and region. However, according to a recent survey by Topcompare. Senior-level professionals with the ACCA qualification can expect ACCA salary in India ranging anywhere from INR 20 lakhs per annum up to even INR one crore or above annually.

The demand for professionals with ACCA certification has grown steadily over the last few years which is expected to continue into the future. Professionals with this credential are highly sought after because they possess a deep understanding of accountancy and taxation systems that few others possess in India today.

To sum up, having an ACCA certification puts you at a significant advantage when it comes to professional salaries in India today. With demand expected to continue into the future, now is a great time to consider pursuing your ACCA qualifications if you want access to better-earning potential and greater career opportunities.

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ACCA salary in India in Government Sector

ACCA salary in India in Government Sector

ACCA professionals are highly sought after in the Indian government sector. They possess the knowledge and experience needed by many government departments such as accounting, finance, taxation, and auditing. This makes them ideal candidates for many roles within this sector.

In terms of salary, ACCA professionals employed in the Indian government sector typically earn more than non ACCA professionals. According to recent statistics, an average ACCA salary in India under the government sector can range from Rs 7-10 lakh per annum depending on their experience and the department they work for. With bonuses and other benefits, this figure can go significantly higher.

It is important to note that the ACCA salary in India may vary depending on different factors such as location, qualifications and economic conditions. On top of that, The ACCA salary in India may also differ among different departments and agencies within the Indian Government too. As such, it is important to do your own research before applying for any specific role within this sector to ensure you get a competitive salary package.

Overall, when it comes to comparing ACCA salary in India in the Government Sector with other sectors or countries – it is generally higher than most of its counterparts due to its high demand and specialized skill set. Nevertheless, if you’re considering making a switch into this field be sure to weigh your options carefully before making any commitments – especially if it’s related to your career prospects or finances!

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ACCA salary in India in Private Sector

ACCA salary in India in Private Sector

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is an internationally recognised qualification, that offers professionals the chance to become qualified accountants. With recognition in 180 countries across the globe, a career with ACCA opens up a wealth of job opportunities and ACCA salary in India in the private sector.

Having ACCA qualifications can set you apart from other accounting professionals and make you more attractive for higher-level positions with better pay. As companies increasingly recognise this sought-after qualification, more employers are looking for candidates with ACCA certifications, increasing job openings. With such expanding opportunities, your career trajectory will be on an upward trajectory with a salary that matches that growth.

In addition to increased ACCA salary in India and higher level positions, having ACCA qualifications also brings many benefits and perks while working in India’s private sector. Employers may provide you with additional holidays or more flexible working hours as well as possible discounts on products and services which can be great lifestyle perks. The recognition of the ACCA designation means you have access to more resources and training opportunities that benefit your professional development this is especially helpful when career swapping or taking on new challenges within the same industry specialization.

Further developing your career prospects are the attractive salaries offered by some of the Big 4 consulting firms in India’s private sector such as KPMG, Ernst & Young, PwC and Deloitte. On average it has been reported that these companies offer an ACCA salary in India between Rs 4-6 lakhs per annum after completing their trainee program, depending on the area of specialization they join in.

Do Certifications Determine ACCA Salary?

Getting certified in this field comes with its own perks, from high ACCA salary in India to career advancement opportunities. But what can you expect to earn with an ACCA certification in India?

When it comes to ACCA salary in India, it’s important to note that the exact amount you can earn varies depending on a variety of factors, such as industry, sector and experience. Depending on your focus, those with ACCA qualifications tend to average higher salaries than those without them.

In India for example, those who have attained their Master’s level ACCA certification often receive an ACCA salary in India ranging from 5-25 lakhs per annum. Meanwhile, professionals at the Executive level with an ACCA certification can typically earn 5-10 lakhs per year. Additionally, if you specialize in an especially sought-after field (such as banking or audit) then you could make up to 50 lakhs annually.

It’s important to note that these ACCA salary in India ranges vary drastically based on the sector and industry one works in. For instance, areas like corporate finance and capital budgeting typically offer higher compensation than other financial sectors; whereas jobs that involve tax preparation and filing tend to pay less than other finance roles. Furthermore, having years of experience also makes a difference when it comes to earning potential – in almost every case more experienced professionals will be able to command higher salaries than their inexperienced counterparts.

All in all, having an ACCA qualification is definitely a valuable asset when it comes to finding lucrative employment options – whether you’re just starting out or looking for a career change! With their industry-recognized certifications and tailored courses based on individual interests.

Top 10 Companies which pay high ACCA salary in India

Top 10 Companies which pay high ACCA salary in India

Are you an ACCA professional looking to make a lucrative career in India? Then you must be wondering which are the top 10 companies that pay high ACCA salary in India. We have got you covered.

  1. The first company on the list is Wipro, one of the country’s leading IT and consulting companies. It offers an average ACCA salary in India of INR 7 lacs per annum. Wipro also has a performance-driven bonus scheme for its employees, making it a great option for any ACCA professional looking to get ahead in their career.
  2. The second company on the list is Deloitte India, one of the leading international audit and advisory firms. Deloitte offers an average ACCA salary in India of INR 8 lacs per annum, along with attractive bonuses based on performance. So if you’re looking to make it big as an ACCA professional in India, Deloitte is definitely worth considering.
  3. The third company on the list is Accenture India, one of the world’s largest consulting and technology services organizations. At Accenture, ACCA professionals can expect an average ACCA salary in India of INR 9 lacs per annum, plus bonuses and other perks based on performance reviews. Accenture provides a great work environment with excellent career growth opportunities for all its employees.
  4. Next up on our list is TCS India – one of India’s largest multinational IT services provider and consultancy firms. TCS offers an average ACCA salary in India of INR 10 lacs per annum along with bonuses and other incentive schemes based on performance reviews by senior staff members. TCS also has a unique culture that encourages creativity among its employees and offers them
  5. Another great option would be PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). In India, they offer competitive salaries to ACCA-qualified individuals who have around 10 years of experience. The average ACCA salary in India at PwC is around 14 lakhs per annum and climbs up to over 20 lakhs for those who make it into management positions.
  6. KPMG is another big four accounting firm that offers great opportunities for its employees. ACCA qualified candidates with around 9 years of experience can easily earn up to 18 lakhs per annum working with KPMG in India.
  7. EY (Ernst & Young) also offers great job opportunities and pays decent salaries to its employees; again depending on experience level, location and department. Their average ACCA salary in India varies from 12-19 lakhs per annum depending on your role and responsibilities within EY.
  8. Next on our list is Grant Thornton, which has offices all across India and offers competitive salaries ranging from 10-18 lakhs per annum depending on your experience and responsibilities in the position.
  9. Next on our list is JPMorgan Chase & Co., one of the world’s largest financial services companies. At JPMorgan Chase & Co., ACCA professionals can expect an ACCA salary in India of 13 LPA depending on their experience. Furthermore, they also offer attractive incentives and other benefits including health insurance, travel allowance, housing allowance and more.
  10. The last one is HSBC Bank India, where ACCAs can earn an impressive salary of up to 11 LPA. The bank offers excellent growth opportunities while also providing attractive perquisites like travel reimbursement and other incentives that could increase your overall earnings.

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Factors affecting ACCA salary in India

Factors affecting ACCA salary in India

Are you an ACCA student or a professional accountant looking to move up the career ladder in India? Knowing the factors that affect your salary can be helpful, so you know what you should focus on to maximize your earning potential.

  1. Experience: For starters, your experience plays a key role in determining your ACCA salary in India. The more years of relevant experience you have, the more opportunities there are for career growth and higher pay with higher-level roles. As such, gaining experience in accounting and/or auditing is a great way to increase your worth as an ACCA professional.
  2. Location: Where you work also affects how much money you can get as an ACCA professional in India. Generally speaking, metropolitan cities like Mumbai and New Delhi tend to offer higher salaries than their suburban counterparts. So if you’re looking for a better salary, try applying for positions in major urban hubs across the country.
  3. Organization Size: The size of the organization where you work can also make a difference when it comes to salary. Larger companies tend to offer higher wages due to their broader range of resources and access to advanced technology. On the other hand, smaller companies may have lower salaries but offer better work-life balance or more diverse job roles.
  4. Job Role & Responsibilities: Another factor that can affect your ACCA salary is the job role and responsibilities associated with it. For example, senior roles require more technical knowledge and skills than entry-level jobs such as financial analyst/accountant or tax preparer which generally come with lower salaries but also provide valuable experiences that could lead to better opportunities down the road.
  5. Industry: The industry plays a major role in determining the amount of salary an individual receives. Financial institutions, especially multinational corporations, tend to pay higher than other industries due to the monetary nature of their business. Companies with strong demand for specialized accounting services may also offer more lucrative salaries. In addition, individuals who are willing to relocate to a different state or city may find employment opportunities with higher wages than their current location offers.
  6. Performance/Achievements: Performance and achievements also play an important role when it comes to ACCA salary in India. Employers generally reward employees who go above and beyond in terms of overall performance or who have achieved specific milestone goals within the company’s scope of operations. Networking skills, professional certification and qualifications also play a role in improving one’s earning capacity. Individuals with additional certifications such as CPA/CA may be able to find better paying jobs since they have acquired more specialized knowledge within their profession.
  1. Finally, negotiation skills come into play when discussing pay raises or bonuses with employers. It is vital to demonstrate your value through hard work and learning the art of negotiation. Effective persuasion strategies may help individuals earn higher wages than initially offered by employers as they allow them to make a case for why they deserve additional compensation based on their contribution level at the workplace.


If you’re considering pursuing a professional career in finance, the internationally recognised ACCA qualification could be the perfect choice for you. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has become increasingly popular among leading organizations in India and around the world, offering significant earning potential and career progression opportunities to those who hold it.

When it comes to ACCA salaries in India, they can vary widely depending on the sector and job role you’re applying for. Generally speaking though, an individual with an ACCA certification can expect to earn significantly more than someone without one. On average, those with an ACCA can command starting salaries of up to INR 20 lakhs per year, or even more if taking senior roles at larger companies. This is significantly higher than other certifications such as CMA or CPA which offer lower earning potential in entry-level positions.

The demand for professionals holding an ACCA certification is growing by the day. Employers are willing to hire individuals with this qualification due to its global recognition and their assurance that these professionals have developed strong knowledge and skills which are critically important in the modern workplace. From planning and organizational abilities to problem-solving skills, accounting proficiency and more – having this designation will guarantee you a competitive edge over other candidates coming from similar backgrounds.

In addition to higher salaries, holding an ACCA brings even greater benefits like career options & progression for those looking for better job prospects both within India and abroad, enhanced skills & knowledge which can be used professionally as well as personally, increased earning potential globally due to advanced subject knowledge obtained through ACCA qualification programmes, access to international job postings and ultimately much wider access to financial opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average salary for an ACCA in India is ₹4,46,949. You can check the salary for an ACCA in your area by filtering by location.

As a new ACCA Affiliate, you can expect to earn around INR 4 to 6 LPA. This salary will increase as your experience and performance at work grows.

A Chartered Accountant in India typically earns between 8 and 9 lakhs per year, with some earning up to 50 or 60 lakhs. An ACCA, on the other hand, earns around 6 to 7 lakhs annually.

Many people believe the CA course is more difficult than ACCA, due to its length, a number of papers, and complexity.

Both ACCA and MBA have their benefits, but it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you. ACCA gives you more specialized skills, while MBA gives you a wider range of business skills.

ACCA’s highest-paying job is a Business Relationship Manager with an annual salary of ₹17.4 Lakhs. The top 10% of employees earn over ₹46.10 lakhs annually, and the top 1% earn over ₹101 lakhs per year.

Graduates from Acca typically receive a salary of up to ₹50 lakhs. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹46 lakhs annually, and the top 1% earn an incredible ₹50 lakhs or more each year.

Kumar Mangalam Birla is a billionaire businessman, philanthropist and Chartered Accountant who chairs the Aditya Birla Group, one of India’s largest conglomerates.

ACCA is popular because it provides complete knowledge of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), which is useful around the world. This means ACCA offers many job opportunities not only in India but globally.

Yes, You can. However, to become an ACCA-certified accountant, you will need a minimum of 3 years. This is because the ACCA requires its candidates to have three years of practical experience before they are eligible for membership.


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