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PG Program in Investment Banking and Capital Market

in Collaboration with London Governance And Compliance Academy LGCA

DataTrained and LGCA joined forces to create one of a kind industry curated Investment Banking Program

DataTrained and LGCA joined forces to create one of a kind industry curated Investment Banking Program

In Collaboration With
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  • LGCA

30 Sep, 2022

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Program Overview

One of the best online Investment Banking programs in India with global recognition. Get trained with highly in-demand tools, techniques & technologies for Investment Banking.

Key Highlights

  • Exhaustive certification program in investment bankingExhaustive certification program in investment banking
  • Regarded the best investment banking training program by hiring partners Regarded the best investment banking training program by hiring partners
  • DataTrained for investment banking makes you industry ready DataTrained for investment banking makes you industry ready
  • Weekend Classes for the working ProfessionalsWeekend Classes for the working Professionals
  • Industry recognized certification from DataTrained and LGCAIndustry recognized certification from DataTrained and LGCA
  • Career AssistanceCareer Assistance
  • 100% Assistance Job100% Job Assistance
  • Taught by domain expertsTaught by domain experts
  • Practical case studiesPractical case studies

PG Program in Investment Banking and Capital Market in Collaboration with London Governance And Compliance Academy LGCA

  1. $ 5,000
    • Best online Investment-Banking course
    • Best online Investment-Banking course
    • Best online Investment-Banking course
    • Best online Investment-Banking course
    2200+ learners
  • 200+ hours of learning
  • Practice Test Included
  • Certificate of completion
  • Enhanced Upskilling

On the successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded Industry Recognized Certificates

Get eligible for 3 world-class certifications thus adding that extra edge to your resume.

  • LGCA Learning paths and certification
  • Course completion certificate from DataTrained Education
  • Project Completion Certificate from DataTrained Education

Placement Partners

  • Yes Bank DataTrained Placement Partners
  • RBS DataTrained Placement Partners
  • Axis Bank DataTrained Placement Partners
  • ICICI Bank DataTrained Placement Partners
  • Hdfc Bank DataTrained Placement Partners
  • Accenture DataTrained Placement Partners
  • Aureus DataTrained Placement Partners
  • Bank of America DataTrained Placement Partners
  • DHL DataTrained Placement Partners
  • Redington DataTrained Placement Partners
  • Indian Bank DataTrained Placement Partners
  • Infosys DataTrained Placement Partners
  • INOX DataTrained Placement Partners
  • Joveo DataTrained Placement Partners
  • KPMG DataTrained Placement Partners
  • OPTUM DataTrained Placement Partners
  • TCS DataTrained Placement Partners
  • Cognier DataTrained Placement Partners

About London Governance & Compliance Academy (LGCA):

LGCA is an accredited training partner (ATP) of the International Governance and Compliance Association (IGCA), an ATP of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), an ATP of EXIN, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and the Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA). Furthermore, the LGCA is a member of the European Institute of Management and Finance Group, one of Europe’s leading providers for certified and executive education. DataTrained and the London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA) joined forces to offer the latest in-demand career skills.

London Governance & Compliance Academy

What’s the focus of this course?

Designed by Investment bankers and industry experts, this program plugs the gap between theoretical concepts learned during academic degrees/diplomas and on-the-job application of those concepts.

Learn Job-Relevant Skills - best investment banking courses

Learn Job-Relevant Skills

Get an in-depth understanding of the Investment banking universe. Armed with the LGCA certificate, you will find yourself working in top global investment banks!

Dedicated Career Assistance - investment banking program

Dedicated Career Assistance

Receive 1:1 career counseling sessions & mock interviews with hiring managers. Further your career with our 400+ hiring partners.

Student Support- investment banking course

Student Support

Program Managers are available on call, chat and ticket during business hours.


Learn from India’s leading Management faculty and Industry leaders

Anjali singh, AVP, Finance Operations, Morgan Stanley

Anjali singh

AVP, Finance Operations, Morgan Stanley

Anjali is a dynamic, enterprising, and assiduous professional with over 6 years of experience in the financial services industry. With the expertise to manage and develop middle-office functions, risk mitigation, operational expertise.

Paras Agnihotri, VP, JPMorgan Chase & Co

Paras Agnihotri

VP, JPMorgan Chase & Co

Having 13+ years of finance experience for multinationals including Oracle, Nomura, Barclays, and JP Morgan Chase, Paras is a computer science graduate developing high-performance industry grade applications using JAVA/Scala stack.

Madhul Agrawal, Assistant Vice President at Citi Bank

Madhul Agrawal

Assistant Vice President at Citi Bank

With 10 years of Experience in Front Office - FIX Support/Client Onboarding & Certification ASPAC/Europe/ US Region, Client Connectivity, SunGard SLC/ SLE, Smart Order Router, trade Floor Support, DevOps He is currently located in Tokyo, Japan.

Venkatesh Thevar, Associate at BNP Paribas

Venkatesh Thevar

Associate at BNP Paribas

Venkatesh is a Commerce Graduate with Rich domain knowledge of Trade Finance and Retail Banking Technology His Core Competence includes compliance, trade screening, risk management. He is currently working to create solutions that not only solve the initial problem but also foresee the possible obstructions.

Shilpi Srivastava, Investment Banking Trainer at DataTrained

Shilpi Srivastava

Investment Banking Trainer at DataTrained

M.B.A. Finance with over 8 years of work experience in the areas of Branch Management, Risk Management & Banking Operations, Client Relationship Management, Team Management, in Banking, Wealth Management & Stock Broking Companies.

Investment Banking Course Syllabus

Best-In-Class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of live sessions, pre-recorded videos, projects, case studies, assignments, and industry webinars.

best investment banking courses

Detailed Syllabus of Investment Banking Course

  • 200+ Hours of content - investment banking program
  • 200+

    Hours of content

  • 8 Case Study and Projects - investment banking program
  • 8

    Case Study and Projects

  • 48+ Live Sessions - investment banking certificate programs
  • 48+

    Live Sessions

Comprehensive Curriculum

The curriculum has been designed by faculty from IIMs and Expert Investment Banking Professionals.

200+ Hours of content - investment banking program

Hours of content

8 Case Study and Projects - investment banking program

Case Study and Projects

48+ Live Sessions - investment banking certificate programs

Live Sessions

Module 1

Introduction to Investment Banking

This module will apprise you of what and why Investment Banking, and the sparkling careers ahead once you are an Investment Banker.

  • Introduction to IB and their Different Business Lines.
Module 2

Introduction to Financial Markets Landscape

This module will help you go through the basics of the Financial Markets Landscape in India. You will get to know the facts first and will later on deep dive into the intricacies of different financial markets, their key players, and the regulators.

  • What is a Financial System?
  • Financial Markets Infrastructure
  • How Financial System Works?
  • Functions of Financial System
  • Structure of Financial System
  • Financial Participants
  • Financial Market
  • Financial Instruments
  • Financial Regulator
  • Financial Services
  • Participants in Financial Markets
  • Issuers
  • Investors
  • Regulators
  • Custodians
  • Brokers/Dealers
  • Depositories
  • Clearing Agents
  • Financial Market
  • Features of Financial Market
  • Pricing
  • Economic growth
  • Importance of Financial System
  • Order Driven and Quote Driven Markets
  • Hybrid Market
  • Other Markets
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • SEBI
  • Investment Banks
  • Buy Side and Sell Side
Module 3

Cash Equities

This module will help you master the Primary Market, its ingredients, and the key players. This module is a must when you aspire for a role in the Indian Equities Market.

  • What are Preference Shares?
  • Dividend
  • Types of Preference Shares
  • Equity, Stock, and Shares
  • Features of Equity Shares
  • Advantages of Equity Shares
  • Disadvantages of Equity Shares
  • Share Capital
  • Types of Share Capital
  • Authorised Share Capital
  • Issued Capital
  • Issued Capital
  • Index
  • Primary Market
  • Features of Primary Market
  • Various Ways of Raising Capital
  • IPO Process
  • Qualifications for Listing IPOs
  • Appointment of IPO Participants
Module 4

Fixed Income Securities

This module refers to the types of Investment Securities that have the capacity to pay a fixed amount of interest or dividends for a defined period of time of maturity date.

  • Characteristics
  • Advantages of Investing in Fixed Income
  • Issuers of Fixed Income Securities
  • Example of Fixed Income
  • Difference Between Equity and Fixed Income (FI)
  • Bond Market and Stock Market Size
  • Types of Fixed Income Instruments
  • Bonds
  • Who Deals with Bonds?
  • Categories of Bonds
  • Types of Bonds
  • Characteristics of Bonds or Bond Terms
  • Reasons for Investing in Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Government Bonds
  • Zero Coupon Bonds
  • Junk Bonds
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Inflation Indexed Bonds
  • Perpetual Bonds
  • Deferred Bonds
  • Foreign Currency Bonds
  • Callable Bonds
  • Puttable Bonds
  • Bonds and Risk
  • Rates Associated to a Bond
  • Interest Rates
  • Interest Rate and Bond Price Relation with Example
  • Current Yield
  • Yield and Bond Price
  • Difference between Coupon and Yield
  • Yield to Maturity (YTM)
  • Difference between Coupon and Yield
  • Accrued Interest
  • Dirty Price & Clean Price
  • Difference between Equity and Bonds
  • Trade Economics in Fixed Income
  • Securitization
Module 5

Money Market

Brokers, Money Dealers, and even Financial Institutions and Banks usually do trading in the Money market for a shorter period of time. In this module, you will learn about Commercial paper, Trade Credit, Certificates of Deposit, Bills of Exchange, T-Bills, Call Money, and Promissory Notes, etc.

  • Features of the Money Market
  • Major Players in the Money Market
  • Structure of the Indian Money Market
  • Instruments of Money Markets
  • Interbank Lending
  • Interest Calculation
  • Advantages of Interbank Lending:
  • Disadvantages of Interbank Lending:
  • Trade Economics in Money Markets
  • Treasury Bill (T-Bill)
  • T-Bills: Primary Market
  • Competitive Bids
  • Bidding Process
  • Non-Competitive Bids
  • T-Bills: Secondary Market
  • Commercial Paper
  • Investment Characteristics
  • Certificate of Deposits (CDs)
  • Difference between Certificate of Deposit and Term Deposit
  • Repurchase Agreement (REPO)
  • Haircut or Margin
  • REPO and Reverse REPO Deals
  • Difference between REPO and Reverse REPO
  • Pros and Cons of Money Markets
  • Capital Markets vs. Money Markets
Module 6

Foreign Exchange Market

Foreign Exchange Market, also known as over the counter market, is generally involved with trading of currencies. In this module we will learn in depth about Elements of a FX Trade, Types of FX Trade, Market Makers and many more.

  • Elements of a FX Trade
  • Types of FX Rate
  • Fixed Exchange Rate
  • Floating Rate
  • Reserve Currency Board
  • Features of FX Market
  • Market Participants
  • Market Makers
  • Methods of Executing FX
  • Reason for Executing FX Trade
Module 7

Derivatives - Forwards and Future

Securities designed in order to ensure hedging risks for both parties are known as Derivatives. In this module, you will get to know about the Futures, Forwards, and the differences between them.

  • Derivatives – An Introduction
  • Financial Investments: A Risky Business
  • Speculating and Hedging
  • Features of Derivatives
  • Value of a Derivatives Contract
  • Role of Speculators
  • Role of Hedgers
  • Types of Derivatives
  • OTC Derivatives
  • Exchange Traded Derivatives
  • Forwards Contract
  • Characteristics of Forwards
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Futures Contract
  • Advantages of Futures
  • Risks Involved in Futures
  • Long and Short Position
  • Difference Between Futures and Forwards
  • Future Contract Standardisation
  • Future Contract Margin
  • Settlement Mode in Futures Contract
Module 8

Derivatives - Options and Swaps

This module will further strengthen your understanding of Derivatives. You will learn Options and Swaps.

  • Definition: Options Contract
  • Definition: Term of Option
  • Pros and Cons of Options Trading
  • Types of Options
  • Difference between Long Call and Short Call
  • Option Types Summary
  • Option Chain
  • Trade Economics of Options
  • Options Styles
  • Other Options Styles
  • Types of Options Payoffs
  • Payoffs
  • Status of an Option
  • Options Pricing
  • Options Premiums
  • Factors Affecting Premiums
  • Introduction to Swaps
  • Swap Agreement
  • Reasons for Trading in Swaps
  • Types of Swaps
  • Terminology
  • Interest Rate Swap
  • Uses of IRS
  • Risks Associated with IRS
  • Interest Rate Swaps: Key Terms
  • Interest Rate Swap Application: Hedging
  • Interest Rate Swap Application: Speculation
  • Types of Interest Rate Swap
  • Basis Swap Application
  • Timeline of an IRS
  • London Interbank Offered Rate
  • LIBOR Rigging
  • Equity Swap
  • Equity Swap Application: Speculation
  • Equity Swap Application: Hedging
  • FX Swap
  • Types of FX Trades: Example
  • Risks in FX Swaps
  • Credit Default Swap
  • Participants in CDS Market
  • Risks Involved in CDS Trading
  • Types of Credit Default Swap
  • Credit Events
  • Failure to Pay
  • Bankruptcy
  • Restructuring
  • Moratorium
  • Credit Default Swap Settlements
  • Recovery Rate
  • Survival Rate
  • Types of Credit Default Swap
Module 9

Trade Life Cycle

Every trade in a Capital Market goes through a Life Cycle known as the Trade Life Cycle. In this module, you will learn the processes of the Trade Life Cycle that start with Placing a buy request, then sell order, and the same ends with the execution and then the settlement.

  • TLC Concepts
  • TLC participants
  • Front office
  • Middle Office
  • Back Office
  • Segregation roles of Front, Middle and Back office
  • Selection of Custodian on TLC
  • Role of Custodian in TLC
  • Services Provided by Front Office
  • TLC and Straight Through processing Flow
  • OTC TLC and Exchange TLC
  • TLC order Management
  • Trade Initiation, Execution and Capture
  • Trade Verification and Validation
  • Trade Enrichment
  • Trade confirmation & Settlements
  • Trade Reconciliation
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Transaction Reporting Methods
  • Risks in TLC
  • Pre-settlement and Post settlement
  • Post settlement Fails management
Module 10

Asset Management and Mutual Funds

This module will help you understand the working of Mutual Funds, risk diversification as per the customer risk appetite. You will also get to learn about the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) and their constituents.

  • What is asset management?
  • Mutual Funds
  • How to invest in mutual funds?
  • Key players in a Mutual Fund
  • Constitutive Documents
  • Structure of a Mutual Fund
  • Types of Mutual Funds
  • Categories of Mutual Funds
  • Regulatory Framework for Mutual Funds
  • Key points for Mutual Funds Investors
  • Tax benefits of investing in Mutual Funds
  • Strategy for Investing In Mutual Fund
  • Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds
  • Risks associated with investing in Mutual Funds
  • Fees and Charges associated with Mutual Funds
  • Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • Expense Ratio
  • Fund Manager Report
  • Redemption
  • Expense Ratio
  • Rights & Obligations of Unit Holder
Module 11

Anti Money Laundering

Different types of activities that Financial Institutions perform in order to comply with the legal requirements are known as Anti-money Laundering. These activities are performed to prevent criminals from disguising the funds that have been accumulated illegally. You will learn three layers of Anti-Money Laundering - Placement, Layering, and Integration.

  • Background of AML/KYC
  • Case Studies in Money Laundering
  • Three Stages of Money Laundering
  • Placement and the Methods Adopted
  • Layering and Methods Adopted
  • Need for KYC
  • Customer Acceptance Policy
  • Customer Identification Procedure
  • Due Diligence
  • Monitoring of Accounts and Transactions
Module 12

Risk and Regulation of Global Market

This module will make you aware of the Risks and Regulations prevalent in the Financial market. These risks and regulations are crucial for operations in the financial markets.

  • What is Risk
  • Types of Risk - Market Risk, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Operational Risk
  • How to avoid Market Risk, Credit Risk and Liquidity Risk
  • Major causes of Operational Risk
  • How to Avoid Operational Risk
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Dodd-Frank Act (DFA)
  • European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)
  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)
  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID)
Module 13

Excel Basics for a Quick Start

Command over excel is a mandatory skill in the banking domain. Keeping this in mind, you will be taught the basic essence of Excel and will be further trained upon the advanced part that will help you grab roles as Finance Analyst in Consulting roles, Equity Research or Investment Banking.

  • Using keys instead of mouse in excel
  • Sorting Data and using advanced filters to overcome the limitations of filters
  • Cell Freeze, Row Freeze, Column Freeze
  • Using conditional formatting in excel and making the data look more meaty
  • Linkages used for Financial Modeling
  • Simple excel formulas as sum, product, division, multiplications, paste special, on catenate
  • vlookup/hlookup usage of data
  • Match Function
  • Combination of multiple functions in a problem as Vlookup +Match, Index+Match, VlookUp
  • CAGR Calculation
  • Transpose function
  • Usage of IF function
  • Table functions
  • Pivot Tables
  • IRR Calculation
  • Cell Referencing
  • Interest functions as EMI calculator
  • Sum if, Count if, Sumifs
  • SumProduct Functions
  • Multiple usage of Vlookup Function
Module 14

Excel and PowerPoint Presentation Mastery for Finance

Investment Banker as a career demands mastery over some of the complex formulas in excel and data visualization. Many times, you will need to present your work, so PowerPoint mastery is a must.

  • Combination of multiple functions in a problem as Vlookup +Match, Index+Match, VlookUp and If
  • Offset Function.
  • Sensitivity Analysis using different ways.
  • Scenario Manager and how to use that in a model
  • Iterative calculations. How to Negate it
  • Using Excel for Statistical Analysis like Correlation, Regression, Variance.
  • How to summarize data from different sheets and collating them into a single sheet using Indirect function
  • Rules of creating a bar chart
  • Making pictures as linked objects in excel
  • Making apt chart from the data provided
  • Creating dynamic charts and no need to change the chart every time its prepared
  • Using Name Manager to make charts dynamic
  • Showing multiple charts at the same time in same location using filter
  • Now and Then Analysis chart
  • Waterfall Charts, Thermometer Charts
  • How the charts change using sensitivity analysis
  • Interactivity using Form Controls
  • Practical Application of Formulas and Charting through Creation of Dashboards
  • Advanced excel formulas
  • Conditional formatting
  • Developer tabs
  • Charting including charting tricks using excel formulas
Advance Macros & VBA for Finance
  • Recording Macros
  • Objects and control statements in VBA code
  • Application of macros to Financial modeling,
  • Circular reference problem,
  • Scenario analysis and Simulation
Module 15

Basic Understanding of Finance

Comprehension of basic finance concepts is necessary before you get into the complex structure of financial Modelling and Valuation. This will help you master the concepts in a more concrete way.

  • Balance Sheet, Statement of Income & Expenses, Cash Flow Statement, different adjustments, and how they are important in the financial statement computation.
  • Get a birds-eye view of the relationship between the three financial statements and how accounting is going to flow within all three.
  • Financial Statements Ratio Analysis - Liquidity Ratio, Asset Management Ratio, Debt Management Ratio, Profitability Ratio.
  • Multiple Ratios - Determining the financial health of a company.
  • 3 Step and 5 Step DuPont Analysis - Three Step and Five-Step.
  • The margin of Safety analysis, Break Even point analysis.
  • Time Value of Money - Present Discounted Value of Money.
Module 16

Financial Statement Modeling

This course will empower you to generate a model from scratch. This will involve a Three Statement Model using historical data and assumptions in order to carve out financial statements via selecting, locating, and developing projection drivers. You will end up developing a comprehensive 3 Statement model via multiple supporting schedules.

  • Business Modelling/Feasibility Study
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Precedent Transaction Analysis
  • Discounted Cashflow Valuation
Module 17

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As)

Merger and Acquisitions is the area of corporate finances, management, and strategy dealing with purchasing or joining with other companies. There are two types of roles in M&A of an investment bank; they are seller representation or buyer representation. In this module you will understand the Merger and Acquisition and its different forms and also how to structure an M & A model to name a few.

  • Introduction to M&As and the different forms
  • Learn how to structure an M&A model in the most efficient way
  • Set up all the assumptions and drivers required to build out the M&A model
Module 18

Placement Activities

Placement Activities take one whole month to complete. Herein, we prepare you for the Commonly asked Domain related Interview Questions, Mock HR, and Technical Interviews.

  • Soft Skill Training
  • Personality Development Program
  • Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interviews

Case Study

Case Study 1

Vodafone- Idea Merger

On 3rd August 2018, India witnessed one of the most anticipated and the biggest mergers of the telecom industry when National Company Law Tribunal and SEBI approved the merger of India’s second largest mobile operator Vodafone India Limited (VMSL) with India’s third largest mobile telephony company Idea Cellular (Idea).

Post the merger Vodafone possesses roughly 45% stake in the merger substance though Idea limited has a portion of around 26%. The reason for the merger was to make the biggest telecom network in India with the most elevated client base and also to control the rise of Jio in the telecom sector. In the initial phase, Jio announced free services to its users. So as a result, it started occupying the maximum part of the market.

The merger of Vodafone and Idea together are gradually achieving gains in the present year ultimately resulting in higher profit and will add hgh expectations to its shareholders also opening a plethora of opportunities for the youth of the nation.

Case Study 2

Flipkart’s acquisition of Myntra

2014 saw the merger of two of the biggest e-commerce players of that time in the Indian market, Flipkart and Myntra.

With e-commerce catching fast pace and stiff competition from foreign contenders like Amazon, Flipkart contemplated to avail the position of Myntra’s 30% market share in fashion e-commerce.

Flipkart acquired Myntra thus becoming one of the biggest online fashion trend setter companies in India. However, it is to note here that after the acquisition of Myntra by Flipkart neither of the party’s existence was impacted as they continued to operate separately and independently.

The acquisition of Myntra by Flipkart allowed it to start its journey into the fashion space which was an untouched market by Flipkart before the merger. Thus, this helped Flipkart to exploit a market which was unavailable to it earlier.

This deal enabled both the companies to exploit their mutual expertise, i.e. advanced technical background of Flipkart and market leadership of Myntra to profit from each other’s growth. Therefore, this deal provided an opportunity for fashion and technology to work hand in hand and also contribute to each other’s growth hence creating a win-win situation for both the parties.

Case Study 3

Cash Budgeting Cash Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case study caters to the mechanics of preparing the budget funds and the importance of optimizing the cash position of an organization for a better future prediction and also for the future growth prospect of the company.

It also provides the company with insight into its cash needs and any surpluses, which helps it to determine an efficient use of cash. A company must manage its sales and expenses to reach an optimal level of cash flows.

This case studies help the students in understanding the importance of cash budgeting and cash management as it provides them with real time scenarios wherein the Company uses the sales and production forecasts to create a cash budget, along with assumptions about necessary spending and accounts receivable collections. A cash budget is necessary to assess whether a company will have enough cash to continue its operations. If a company does not have enough liquidity to operate, it must raise more capital by issuing stock or taking on more debt.

Hence this case study provides the students with real situations and helps in assessing the SWOT analysis for the same, giving them an overall exposure.

Why DataTrained For Investment Banking United States?

The course duration is 6 months including a well-balanced curve of practical and theoretical learning's covering everything from the basics to the advanced levels of the Investment Banking program in India and across the globe.

best investment banking courses

Our Employability Enhancement Program will advise you on how to bolster your portfolio with courses or other projects to impress interviewers and land the job of your dreams.

Resume Building-investment-banking

Our expert team will work with you to not just polish your existing CVs but update them to highlight your achievements helping you land positions in top-tier firms.

Interview Pepration-investment-banking

We will prepare you to face all the stages of interview scenarios. Along with basic to advanced model interview question and answer sessions, you will be exposed to one-on-one mock interviews as well as panel interviews led by industry veterans.

Placement Opportunities - investment-banking

Apart from access to our placement portal and references from networks, you will also get interview opportunities with leading firms in the banking and finance sector with our job oriented program.

Career Impact

Over 5000 Careers Transformed

The journey at DataTrained PG certification in Investment Banking has truly been a memorable one. The fact that DataTrained was able to conduct online classes during the pandemic and was able to explain not only theoretical concepts but also teach the practical working of various concepts so effectively.

Gaurav, Mortgage, Specialist, BA Continuum
Gaurav Mortgage, Specialist, BA Continuum

I had an amazing educational experience at Data Trained Education. When I initially joined their Investment Banking program, I was not confident about the course. Soon I get to know that program’s curriculum is up to date and the trainers are wonderfully helpful. I recently got placed at Barclays, where I discovered that everything.

Amardeep, Risk Analyst , Barclays
Amardeep Risk Analyst , Barclays

The content (case studies) with which we were taught is the most practical and all are real life-based case studies. More emphasis was given on the practical approach rather than theoretical approach which is the best for the students as they have to face the same when they secure a job in these core finance profiles.

Manish, Investor’s clinic
Manish Investor’s clinic

I was looking for a good Investment Banking course for a long time. Even while joining DataTrained I was not that sure. But I must say the way the DataTrained trainers taught was exceptionally good! The concepts taught were so easy to understand. I would recommend anyone to join DataTrained and it will be the best experience. I guarantee.

Dilip Dubey, Equity Research Analyst
Dilip Dubey Equity Research Analyst

Amazing experience at DataTrained. It was an extremely good atmosphere for learning as the teachers are very nice and sweet and most importantly they teach very well. The course curriculum is also very well built, they have hint videos and other online doubt resolution sessions as well. Efforts placement team is really remarkable.

Chetan Chugh, Equity Capital Market Analys
Chetan Chugh Equity Capital Market Analyst
66% Average salary Hike - investment banking course 66%

Average salary Hike

18 LPA Highest Salary - best investment banking courses 18 LPA

Highest Salary

3k+ Job square - investment banking program 3k+

Job Curated

400+ Hiring Partners - investment banking course 400+

Hiring Partners

Our Student Work At

Dilip Dubey Placed at Goldman sachs - DataTrained Placement Dilip Dubey

Equity Research Analyst

9.5 LPA
Goldman sachs
Nimesh Sarkar Placed at Acuity - DataTrained Placement Nimesh Sarkar

Investment Banking Associate

6.5 LPA
Prashant Pandey Placed at MOBIKWIK - DataTrained Placement Prashant Pandey

Investment Analyst

10 LPA
Nikhil Solanki Placed at Accenture - DataTrained Placement Nikhil Solanki

Associate Investment Banking

7.4 LPA

The fact that DataTrained was able to conduct online classes during the pandemic and was able to explain not only theoretical concepts but also teach the practical working of various concepts so effectively is truly a testament to what a great institute Data Trained is. The dedication of the faculty along with the dedication of the placement team to ensure that each student gets the required head start in the core finance fields of Investment Banking and Valuation is commendable.

Gaurav Agrahari, Mortgage Specialist - BA Continnum - DataTrained Placement
Gaurav Agrahari

Mortgage Specialist - BA Continnum

I Had an amazing educational experience at Data Trained Education. When I initially joined their Investment Banking program, I was not confident about the course. Soon I get to know that the program's curriculum is up to date and the trainers are wonderfully helpful. I recently got placed at Barclays, where I discovered that everything I studied at Data Trained has enabled me to perform my job responsibilities well.

Amardeep Singh Placed at Barclays - DataTrained Placement
Amardeep Singh

Risk Analyst - Barclays

Anurag Ranjan Placed at Accenture - DataTrained Placement Anurag Ranjan

Analyst at Accenture

8.3 LPA
Vivek Singh placed at KPMG - DataTrained Placement Vivek Singh

Financial Analyst

12 LPA
Binita Bharti Placed at PVR - DataTrained Placement Binita Bharti

Financial Analyst

6.8 LPA

Admission Process

There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which is detailed below

Step 1: Fill in a Query Form

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Industry recognized certificate from DataTrained and LGCA

180+ Hours of Live Training

30 Hours of Project-Based Learning

Soft Skills Training & CV Building

Interview Prep and 100% Job Assistance

Detailed Study Material & Recorded Lectures

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