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DataTrained Success

DataTrained is an online higher education platform providing rigorous industry relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty and industry.

DataTrained Success

DataTrained Alumni Work in Leading Companies

What Our Students Say

Success Story

I want to express a big thank you to DataTrained and their amazing team. Their training and resources really helped me pass several job interviews. I appreciate their support in boosting my confidence and skills!

Madhurima Srivastava
BI Consultant - Icon Resources & Technologie

DataTrained completely transformed my professional trajectory! Thanks to their exceptional training, I not only upskilled myself but also landed a position with a salary package that exceeded my expectations.

Abhishek Sachan
Merkle Science - Full Stack Development

DataTrained covered basic concepts thoroughly and seamlessly transitioned into practical applications. They provided us with over 50 datasets, which greatly enhanced our understanding of how to handle and approach solutions.

Bhumik Shah
Seimens - Data Scientist

I feel immensely humbled and grateful to have reached this point in my journey, which has been an outcome of relentless dedication, continuous learning, and invaluable mentorship, I have received from Datatrained

Pooja Tiwari
Finance Assistant at Dalberg Media
I am profoundly grateful to DataTrained and their dedicated team for providing the training and resources that empowered me to clear multiple interview processes. The skills and knowledge I gained during my training have played a pivotal role in securing job offers.
Azeezur Rahman Sharieff
MIS Executive - OPPO

Datatrained helped me in brushing up my skills. It was altogether an exponential experience.

LaKesha Dale
HR Analyst, HMS

I have pursued Datatrained's Data Science 12-month program and trust me this has changed me professionally, and academically. Kudos to the whole team and I definitely recommend Datatrained.

Maria Kyparissou
Sr. HR Analyst, Amazon

I managed to upskill myself and in return, I got a pay hike. All thanks to Datatrained trainers and mentors who reshaped my career.

Katie Traviglia
Senior Strategic Business Analyst, Devotion Business Solutions
Had no prior knowledge of, nor experience in HR. So, this course served to eradicate my previous misconceptions. I learned more than I expected to; the lessons are packed with extensive information, and the videos are interesting, clear, and sometimes interactive. I will recommend this course to anyone.
Shwetank Yadav
HR Specialist at Phoneix Group

Excellent course structure, very clear and concise material, Garima is teaching in a fun way, which helped me understand the syllabus, with short questions to help me think and not too long boring classes.

Vineet Singh
HR Coordinator at HCL Technologies

This course has an outstanding wealth of information for new people entering the Human Resources arena. I also recommend it to others that want to brush up on the knowledge and skills of the HR industry.

Devendra Kumar
Human Resources Trainee at Barclays
Really helpful course for HR managers or anyone deciding to be in the HR department of any business. All the topics are relevant to HR. I really enjoyed this course and it was more than worth it. This is, by far, one of the best HR courses I have come across. Thank you very much
Nilabh Srivastava
HR Analyst at American Express
Besides the structure, the content itself was insightful and inspiring. As a people manager for five years, I am able to reconcile my own experience and understanding with the employment relationship theories. The people manager value proposition graph which was presented at the first lecture
Vipin Chandra
HR Manager at Accenture
The content (case studies) with which we were taught is the most practical and all are real-life-based case studies. More emphasis was given on the practical approach rather than the theoretical approach which is the best for the students as they have to face the same when they secure a job in these core finance profiles.
Investor’s clinic
"I did my research before deciding which course I should register myself for and of all the courses that I have found, the one offered by Datatrained was completely dedicated to analytics, after enrolling for Postgraduate Program for Data Science, I realized Datatrained Data Science course was ideal for me:'
Surbhi Jain
Sr. Data Specialist at Bank of America
Amazing course! If you're a beginner like me, then you can't go wrong with this course. But keep in mind that it's going to be a little challenging and you've to be ready for this. This course has been designed beautifully and you're going to learn a lot. This is the most beautiful part here- you'll be able to apply this knowledge you gain again, unlike some other courses which have very high level of coding skills requirements and you feel that you can't replicate what you've done so far, but not with this course. Don't hesitate at all if you're a beginner and you are willing to learn :)
Rajat Prakash Singh
Software Engineer, Hitachi
This is the best course ever! The trainers know a lot and they know how to explain it the best. I am really thankful to the DataTrained and I am sure this course will serve as my backbone in my career in software engineering. Thank you Datatrained and team!
Arpit Agarwal
Software Developer, Niyo
I did my research before deciding which course I should register myself for and of all the courses that I have found, the one offered by Datatrained was completely dedicated to analytics, after enrolling for Postgraduate Program for Data Science, I realized Datatrained Data Science course was ideal for me.
Aditya Sharma
Quality Assurance Engineer, BOLD
Datatrained has done an excellent job by offering such a spectacular curriculum explaining all of the concepts in this course and the purpose of each of these concepts. The trainers also showed exactly where to find the documentation for each of the packages, libraries, and frameworks used in this course. After completing this course, I feel that I will be able to build a full-stack app much quicker without having to refer back to past course materials as often.
Sourabh Kumar
Software Engineer, Optum
The content (case studies) with which we were taught is the most practical and all are real-life-based case studies. More emphasis was given on the practical approach rather than the theoretical approach which is the best for the students as they have to face the same when they secure a job in these core finance profiles.
Neha Gangpuri
Investor’s Clinic
I had an amazing educational experience at Data Trained Education. When I initially joined their Investment Banking program, I was not confident about the course. Soon I get to know that the program’s curriculum is up to date and the trainers are wonderfully helpful. I recently got placed at Barclays, where I discovered that everything, I studied at Data Trained has enabled me to perform my job responsibilities well
Amardeep Singh
Risk Analyst – Barclays
The journey at Data Trained PG certification in Investment Banking has truly been a memorable one. The fact that DataTrained was able to conduct online classes during the pandemic and was able to explain not only theoretical concepts but also teach the practical working of various concepts so effectively is truly a testament to what a great institute DataTrained is. The dedication of the faculty along with the dedication of the placement team to ensure that each student gets the required head start in the core finance fields of Investment Banking and Valuation is commendable.
Gaurav Agrahari
Mortgage Specialist – BA Continuum

After completing the course, I know the uses of artificial intelligence and various analytical tools such as Big Data, predictive modeling and should be capable of driving real-time operational decisions

Umesh Singh
Data Analyst at Mathsomania

After a long talk and the detailed research about the course, I got enrolled without wasting further time and this was the right career decision I have ever made in my life

Shikha Patel
Data Analyst at KPMG

My determination paid me well when I noticed a youtube video on data science by DataTrained. It got my interest.

Sajid Ahmad
Data Analyst at BYJU'S

They offer both online and offline classes that too with 100% placement or money back guarantee. This impressed me as no other institute was giving any such offer

Maneesh Kashyap
Data Analyst at Axis Bank

The best part was that they provide classes on weekends which means you can continue your current job while pursuing the course. Even if you miss a class, they provide recorded video which helps a lot

Sukhwinder Singh
Financial Analyst at HCL

However, the most exciting feature of the Data Science course by DataTrained is the continuous feedback sessions which help students to understand their current position as per the course progression and it helped us to put extra efforts while studying

Vikash Vatsayan
Data Analyst at Axis Bank

We almost completed 15 projects in this 11-months journey and it enhanced my confidence which was already aiming for the sky

Sanjeev Baliyan
Data Analyst at FlipKart
Once I Joined DataTrained, my learning curve started to grow steeply and as per the mentors, I followed the new approach to get a Data Science job. You can find their videos like 8 HACKS TO BECOME A DATA SCIENTIST IN 2019 and Perfect Data Science Resume Tips on their youtube channel
Vanshika Rathi
Data Analyst Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd)

I have 4+ years of experience in Market Research. In search of adding the skill of competency, I came to know about data science course by the Internet

Pranav Sinha

I am happy that I selected DataTrained for the data science training, I have completed my capstone project and right now working

Manish Khurana
Intern, Genpact
Best foundation in-universe of Analytics. Magnificent help. I've selected a Full-stack Data Science Course with DataTrained Academy, the course substance is great, assignments, and contextual investigation worth educational. It has helped me in switching to the data science domain.
Rajesh Gupta
Data Scientist, Reliance Industries Limited

I was working as a Zonal manager in Ranbaxy Group and a small training in my company changed my mind as in the training I came to know about how automation is even going to make doctors jobless in the coming years

Rupam Kumar Chaurasia
Head Sales, Glenmark
I have completed my Full Stack Data Science PG course from DataTrained. The course content is extremely insightful and they give a decent blend of datasets to rehearse on. I felt like the in-person classes were a little fast because of the absence of time, however, by and large, I took in a great deal from the course. They give you a feel of working upon genuine datasets and deriving meaningful insights.
Nitesh Tiwari
Data Scientist, Oracle Cloud Solution Hubs
Content provided by DataTrained is great and clear. Challenges being composed now and again are extremely useful. There is degree for development in refreshing logbooks, guaranteeing rescheduling of gatherings are appropriately told and gatherings occur as planned.
Bipin Badrakia
Full Stack Developer, TCS

I was working as a senior software developer with assailant technologies and after spending a few years I feel like tucking in a monotonous world and seriously need a change in my job profile both vertically and horizontally

Saurabh Chauhan
Data Analyst at Amazon
Data Science is a new industry and so Data Scientists being the need of great importance, it requires an exhaustive preparing to guarantee that the students and the experts from various fields of the business are stayed up with the latest needs of the Job Market. Further, the subject being new requires serious vivid and intelligent realizing which works better through either a live or classroom setup where we get the chance to cooperate with different hopefuls of information science. The training camp on Full Stack Data Science composed by the DataTrained gives an ideal stage to Data Science aspirants proposing to make a consistent move into the business getting the best of the learning from the best in the business. This DataTrained community adds to learning and conceptualizing along with focused development and thus empowering individuals to make a dent in this developing field. On an individual note, I would emphatically suggest joining the Full Stack Data Science Program with DataTrained
Randeep Chaurasia
Data Science Intern, Infosys
I want to accept this open door to share my perspectives about Data Science course at DataTrained. Substance and introductions by the facilitator were reliably high hands on' involvement. The intuitive climate and live precedents utilized for representation were reviving and very straightforward the issue. The teacher’s are not just educated and instructive; they had this present reality experience to comprehend our necessities and the capacity to expose arrangements in a straightforward way. They are persistent and nice. They are available to encourage every individual to help with real work issues; simple to pursue and get it.caliber and struck the mind in the right course. At no time did I feel that the course was "long" or "delaying". The viable activities were helpful in offering ' Quizzes amid the class and the astonishment tests between the ends of the week kept me drew in with the course. The teacher was effectively reachable anytime of the time be it through call, email or LMS module. Assignments and tests were structured in such an approach to make the course increasingly valuable and furthermore while remembering that every one of the participant were working proficient. This course was a decent blend of hypothesis and live cases.
Astha Kakkar
Big Data Analyst, Capgemini
I was always hesitant in joining Online coaching or training for Data Science. But DataTrained has changed my perspective. Just one word: Excellence. My experience at DataTrained has really been an exceptional one until now. I got with all the assessments and finally certified a week ago. I am exceptionally content with the manner in which DataTrained keeps up with the challenges we would face in the analytics industry and have always given their best so that we can confront those challenges via Monthly competitions, Puzzles, and Live projects. The most basic difference between DataTrained and other institutes is that DataTrained course material and course methodology have been built up with keeping with the mind that they need to place us at the end. DataTrained has given an exceptionally proficient way to deal with preparing particularly the course content is planned with pre-class recordings, pre-class perusing materials, class session recording, quality assignments, quiz, case thinks about, rivalries, etc. The discussion inside LMS is fascinating, useful, and engaging. Thank you so much DataTrained.
Pragyan Pandey
Data Scientist, Amazon India
I am right now doing my Data Science course in DataTrained. The key contrast is the personal attention to each issue by the faculty and the staff, examining with you over a call, when you raise a ticket, fast turnaround staff response. Likewise, when requested extra help, aside from the course, they were glad to help me, which is as per me an extraordinary learning background. Every individual from the Institute, personnel, faculty, Staff is genuine diamonds in every single way they could to help the candidates. DataTrained has helped me extend my insight and aptitudes sufficiently. I appreciated the course material, which was extremely all around organized and the live recordings were of good quality, and the teacher's discourse was exceptionally all around paced with live cases and framework, that helped sufficiently envision the idea and hands-on methodology.
Munish Shukla
Data Scientist, IndiaLends

After 3 very hectic rounds of interviews at one of the reputed KPO, they just offered me 3.4 lakh p/a which was only 20K more than my current package and I was in no mood to accept the offer. However, I was not sure why these happened

Rakshit Jain
Data Scientist, Optum

All thanks to the DataTrained placement team. I started my career in the Analytics domain even after a long two years gap.

Balram Yadav
Data Scientist, Accenture

Hi, I am Krishna Vedamurthy. While getting the last sip of my coffee at the cafeteria in my last firm, suddenly a quick thought popped up in my mind, “Am I really satisfied with my job?”

Krishna Vedamurthy
Sr.Data Analyst, DataTrained
I've enrolled for the DataTrained Data science program and found it in very simple and detailed in a language that can be perceived easily by even a non tech background. I recommend it to all the people who want to start their career in Data Science. Also the peculiar feature of guaranteed placement otherwise money back is what that differentiates it from other training institutes...
Vikram Singh
Data Scientist, IBM
I joined DataTrained for Data Science Full Stack certification program and I found the content is quite informative and relevant in the industry. The teaching material is well created and the best part is they keep polishing the core content and introduce newly created substance on a regular basis. While updating every one of the basics, the DataTrained group advises us about what's new in the business by conducting live and recorded webinars on a very frequent basis. Also, I'm able to resolve my queries from the "DataTrained" within a short span of time.
Rashmi Chawla
Current Student
After completing the initial Machine Learning projects, I completed Maths for Data Science by DataTrained available for free on Udemy. The course structure compelled me to research better and finally I enrolled for there 3 months Deep Learning program. It was through live sessions and was quite interactive. It got me entry into Yahoo analytics team and later on I switched to IBM.
Kevin Guo
Data Analyst, IBM USA
The learning tool is one of the best you can have. However, the management needs to periodically evaluate the course content and needs to add more value to the content. Also, the learning outcome needs to be assessed more comparatively. .The company also needs to make it more competitive in line with the needs of the industry as they themselves a giant in the industry. I do recommend DataTrained as they are offering 100% placement.
Sunny Raheja
Data Science Intern, Flip Robo Technologies
It was really an awesome experience learning with DataTrained. The faculty is really helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. It is always a better choice in order to enhance your skills and get into the world of analytics. The videos and transcripts provided by DataTrained are good enough to understand the field and develop interest in Analytics, the best part is they give you 100% placement
Vipin Kumar

DataTrained is a magnificent venturing stone to get to your objectives in Data Science. They give you that there are individuals doing stunning things everywhere, and that you can be one of them as well.

Thomas Marrocchelli
Data Scientist, Wayfair, Boston USA

Career transition to data science is not so easy. But I made this happened with the help of DataTrained

Ishan Singh
Assistant Analytics Manager, Spectra

DataTrained helped me to move from a sales and marketing domain to a data science domain.....

Nikhil Bhargav
Data Scientist, ICICI Lombard

It is very necessary to make the correct decision as what you actually want to do in life as that will only help you choose the ways to achieve it, I realized it very late when I completed my graduation and was already working in an organization

Ashish Kumar
Business Analyst at Bank of America

DataTrained has helped me with the vital knowledge and skills that are needed for a data scientist role. The trainer starts with an example to make us comprehend the concept and then help us build the algorithms with the real industry datasets.

Aaruni Khare
Data Scientist