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    Techno Gamerz Net Worth, age, Career, Awards & Achievements | DTfun


    Techno Gamerz (Ujjwal Chaurasia)






    January 12, 2002



    Net Worth

    $2 million




    12th HSC



    About Techno Gamerz

    An extremely popular Indian YouTuber named Techno Gamerz is recognised for his amazing gaming prowess and amusing remarks. He is renowned for his funny interpretations of numerous games and his capacity to entertain and engage audiences.

    The capacity of Techno Gamerz to interact with his audience is one of his greatest assets. He is renowned for being amiable and personable, which has aided in forging close bonds with his audience. On his social media pages and throughout his live streams, he constantly engages with his followers to ensure that they all feel heard and valued.

    He began to receive exposure from many gaming brands and influencers as his channel grew. He has worked with well-known YouTube stars from India like CarryMinati and Ashish Chanchlani as well as gamers from other countries like PewDiePie and KSI.

    He has played a broad variety of games besides Minecraft, such as GTA V, Among Us, PUBG, and Call of Duty, among others. He is well-known for his amazing gaming abilities, and his fans frequently compliment him for completing challenging tasks and objectives with ease.

    Ujjwal Chaurasia has begun to produce vlogs and other lifestyle stuff in addition to his gaming content. His viewers can get a glimpse into his private life through the numerous vlogs he has uploaded that detail his travels and adventures. Check out:- Ashish Chanchlani’s Net Worth, Life, Profession & Lots

    Early Life

    Techno Gamerz Early Life

    The famed Indian YouTuber known as Techno Gamerz, whose real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia, is renowned for his outstanding gaming abilities and humorous commentary. Although he has a sizable fan base thanks to his gaming content, little is known about his early years and family. We shall go into his early years in this post and shed some light on the occasions that helped to mould him into the person he is now.

    Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state, is where Ujjwal Chaurasia was born and reared. Despite the fact that the year of his birth is not widely known, he was born on January 12th. Ujjwal used to spend countless hours playing video games on his PC as a youngster. He had a particular fondness for video games

    Growing up, Ujjwal excelled in the classroom. He put a lot of effort into improving in science and math because he was particularly interested in them. After completing his high school education, he enrolled in an engineering college to pursue a degree in computer science. He attended a neighborhood school in his hometown.

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    Personal Life 

    Techno Gamerz Personal Life

    One of the most well-liked gaming YouTubers in India is Ujjwal Chaurasia, better known by his YouTube handle Techno Gamerz. With his gaming content, he has amassed a devoted fan base and amassed a sizable social media following.

    Even though Ujjwal is well-known for his gaming prowess and amusing commentary, little is known about his private life. We shall go into his personal life in this article and examine the occasions that helped to mould him into the person he is now.

    In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a little village is where Ujjwal Chaurasia was born. His family and upbringing are largely unknown because he has chosen to keep them hidden. He has acknowledged in interviews, however, that he comes from a middle-class household and that his parents have encouraged him in his love of gaming and YouTube.


    Ujjwal hasn’t said much about his love relationships in the media. It’s unknown if he’s in a relationship right now or has ever been in one. He has kept this element of his life private and withheld any information about his previous relationships.


    Techno Gamerz career

    Ujjwal Chaurasia, commonly known as Techno Gamerz, is one of India’s most well-liked gaming YouTubers. He has amassed a sizable following by creating interesting and entertaining gaming videos, with over 19 million followers. This article will examine his professional history and the path to his notoriety in the gaming industry.

    In 2017, Ujjwal Chaurasia launched his YouTube career by establishing the Techno Gamerz channel. He was in college at the time and was majoring in computer science, but he was also an avid gamer. He started making videos of himself playing different video games, such as GTA V and Minecraft, and quickly gained a tiny fan base.

    Ujjwal made the decision to leave college once his YouTube channel gained popularity and devoted all of his time to it. His popularity soared as a result of his regular video uploads. Gamers all around the world were drawn to his distinctive commenting style and amazing gaming abilities. He quickly rose to fame as one of India’s most popular YouTubers, and his channel experienced incredible growth.

    Awards and Achievements

    Ujjwal Chaurasia, better known as Techno Gamerz, is one of India’s most well-known and successful gaming YouTubers. With millions of views on his videos and over 19 million subscribers, he has amassed a sizable fan base and established himself as a household brand in India’s gaming scene. This article will examine his career-long honours and accomplishments.

    YouTubers who have more than 100,000 channel subscribers receive the YouTube Silver Play Button honour. Just one year after launching his YouTube channel, He reached this milestone in 2018. His quick ascent to stardom and his capacity to engage his audience are both recognised by this prize.

    YouTubers who have more than 1 million channel subscribers receive an award called the YouTube Gold Play Button. Two years after launching his YouTube channel, Techno Gamerz reached this milestone in 2019. This honour, which is a major accomplishment for any YouTuber, is a credit to his abilities and diligence.

    YouTubers who have amassed more than 10 million channel subscribers are recognised with the YouTube Diamond Play Button. Four years after launching his YouTube channel, Techno Gamerz reached this milestone in 2021. This accolade is a remarkable accomplishment and a reflection of his standing and clout in the Indian gaming scene.

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    Net Worth of Techno Gamerz

    Techno Gamerz Net Worth

    He is one of India’s most well-liked gaming YouTubers. With millions of views on his videos and over 19 million subscribers, he has amassed a sizable fan base and established himself as a household brand in India’s gaming scene. Many people are interested in learning about his net worth because of his popularity. In this piece, we’ll examine his earnings during his career and his estimated net worth.


    He is one of India’s most well-liked gaming YouTubers. With over 19 million subscribers and a successful profession, he has a sizable fan base, and many people are interested in learning about his way of life. We shall examine his lifestyle and how he spends his time away from his YouTube channel in this piece.

    He is a well-known fitness fanatic who frequently posts about his workout routines on social media. He frequently exhorts his followers to give their fitness goals first priority because he believes that it is crucial for preserving both physical and mental health. Additionally, he has endorsed fitness products in the past and collaborated with a number of fitness brands.

    Family and Friends

    He is well known for being close to his family and frequently posts pictures and videos of them on social media. He hangs out with a close-knit group of mates who play video games. On his YouTube channel, he frequently works with his buddies, and the two of them have produced a number of gaming-related films.


    As a result of his fun and interesting video, Techno Gamerz is a well-known gaming YouTuber who has built up a sizable following. He finds time for his interests and pastimes, including fitness, travel, gaming, music, and charitable activities, despite his hectic schedule.

    He is renowned for having strong relationships with his family and friends, and he frequently works on projects together on his YouTube channel. Numerous awards have been given to him for his devotion to his fans and his craft, and his wealth attests to his success. Overall, Techno Gamerz’s way of life is a reflection of his love of gaming, desire to interact with his followers, and desire to have a positive impact on the world.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At a young age, Techno Gamerz became interested in video games, and it soon turned into a passion. He started posting gaming-related videos on YouTube, and over time his fame increased rapidly.

    Minecraft is one of Techno Gamerz’s favorite games, and he has made numerous movies about it. He also likes to play other games, such as PUBG, GTA V, and Among Us.

    Yes, Priti Chaurasia, who is also a YouTuber, is Techno Gamerz’s sister.

    In the past, he has backed a number of charitable organizations, including those devoted to giving less fortunate children access to healthcare and education. Additionally, he has raised money for disaster relief.

    Techno Gamerz is expected to have a net worth of about $3 million as of 2021, mostly derived from his YouTube earnings and brand endorsements.

    On his YouTube channel, he does indeed work with other YouTubers, including his gaming acquaintances. With them, he produced a number of gaming films that were warmly received by his followers.

    Despite being a well-known music fan who has written multiple songs for his YouTube videos, he does not have a full-fledged music career.

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