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Introduction to Career in Human Resources Management

Are you looking for a career in human resources management? Let us tell you that you have knocked on the right door as here below is the ultimate guide for your career in Human Resources Management.

In this article career in human resources management, we will cover:

  • What is Human Resources Management? Key functions of HR Management.
  • Career and scope in Human Resources Management.
  • Top Job titles in Human Resources Management.
  • Career Development in Human Resources Management.
  • Salary in Human Resources Management Job titles.

Let’s first begin with a brief about what is a career in human resources management is and its functions?

The effective management of people in an organization and building the right coordination between management and employees via different strategies is called Human Resource management. An HR is known to be a ‘people person who integrates all the departments of an organization and ensures its healthy working.

The key functions performed by HR managers are:

  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Training and Development
  • Recruitment’s
  • Performance appraisals
  • Creating business value
  • Compensation and other benefits
  • HR Data and Analytics

A Career in Human Resources Management: Options

Human Resource Management is a profession that is all-pervasive and dynamic and hence its career. It is a need of every organization being it of any type. If you are thinking of building your career in Human Resources Management, a Career in Human Resources Management is recession-proof. HR Management has great career prospects for the one who wants to grow. 

Jobs in HR are sometimes difficult or easy to get as they are particularly based on your previous jobs or work experience, the experience of education, life experience, communication, and your background. Your location and local economy are also some aspects that determine your employ-ability.

Big companies with a large amount of workforce, from dozens to effectively into the thousands, require a relatively great human resources department to control the relationships of the workforce with that of the business and its management. Smaller businesses might have just a few personnel, maybe one or perhaps 2 human resources professionals on staff, however, the duties stay exactly the same be it anywhere.

As you keep your eyes wide open for work in the foil of HR, you have to sort through a lot of job titles. You might qualify for numerous HR tasks apart from VP, manager, assistant, generalist, and HR director.

There is a no. of job titles which are offered to people in this field. The hierarchy goes from top to bottom as:

HR Leader Job Titles

The most common career in human resources management leader job title at a large enterprise is The Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO). Companies that are large and have thousands of workforce may even have multiple CHROs. For Instance, Pepsico has Ronald Schellekens as the overall CHRO.  CPO which stands for chief people officer is one more such title that is used interchangeably with CHRP

Vice president (HR)

Large Companies that have VP’s for different tasks search for the specifications. In HR there are a lot of specifications that are required. These VPs usually work with the talent acquisition

Under VP of Hr, there are a lot of job titles which include:

  1. VP of Talent Acquisition (or VP of Recruiting)
  2. VP of Talent Management (or VP Talent Development)
  3. VP of People and Culture
  4. VP of Benefits (or VP Compensation And Benefits
  5. VP of Payroll
  6. VP of Workers Compensation
  7. VP of Mobility


Directors take care of HR facilities, training, payroll, employer brand, etc. They have more specialized positions or practices compared to others. A Lot of job titles are offered under the director of HR as well like Facilities Director Benefits Director Payroll Director Training Director Compensation Director and many others.


A manager is the one who works under the director helping him/her with common tasks or functions. He is the one who interacts with the real workforce. Under him, the most searched job titles under HR are taken care of such as Entry level professionals that consist of HR interns, HR assistants, HR trainees who come under this category who have just started with their career in HR.

A Career in Human Resources Management: Salaries

A career in Human Resources Management is one of the recession-proof careers in India and one of the highest-paid and rewarding with satisfactory professional growth. A no. of high-paid job titles are offered in the field of Human Resources Management as it is a core profession whose demand has increased to a great extent over the past few years.

Human Resource Management of any organization determines the kind of workforce at any organization which in turn determines the profitability and drives its vision. Thus, in order to create a competitive advantage for a company in an industry, the management of this business function should be appropriate. 

For you to grab the best salary packages in this domain, we are listing a few prominent career options that you can opt for. The list below is not in any order or hierarchy but you can shortlist the one that suits you based on your skills and interest though the figures differ from the type of company or its location.

HR Manager – Avg. salary: Rs 7 lac per annum and above 

  • Training and Development Manager – Avg. salary: Rs 7.5 lakhs per annum and above
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager –  Avg. salary: Nearly Rs 13 lakhs per annum
  • Recruitment and Placement Manager – Avg. salary: Rs 4.9 lakhs per annum
  • HR Consultant – Avg. salary: Rs 4 lakhs per annum
  • Executive Recruiter – Avg. salary: Rs 4.5 lakhs per annum
  • International HR Associate – Avg. salary: Rs 4.65 lakhs per annum
  • Employee Relations Specialist – Avg. salary: Rs 4.54 lakhs per annum
  • HR Director – Avg. salary: Rs 27.54 lakhs per annum
  • Vice President of Human Resources – Avg. salary: Rs 21.60 lakhs per annum

Highest Paid HRM Jobs - Career in Human Resources Management

HR director being the highest-paid career in Human Resources Management is in charge of all the policies made formalized in the company related to the functions of Human Resources Management like recruiting, compensation, promotion, termination, etc. This senior-level position sets the basis for all the other Hr management and their activities in an organization.

Although all the above-mentioned jobs are the highest-paid career in human resources management Jobs in India and will help you in framing your career in HR. Knowing about these highest-salary
jobs in India would be extremely beneficial for you to know if you are a job seeker and if you are already working, this article can bridge your skill gaps and give your professional career a booster.

Career Development in Human Resources Management

Specializing in a career in human resources management or any other relevant strategic management or going for a global MBA can make you an expert in the field. You can also opt for a DataTrained online HR course as PG Program in HR Management and People Analytics in collaboration with IBM & London Governance and Compliance Academy with 100% Guaranteed Placement.

Feature of DataTrained's HRM Course - Career in Human Resources Management

Key offerings of the program:

By engaging in collaborative projects and learning from peers, it makes the program practical based. 

Capstone projects for real-time understanding and development of an individual.

Mentoring sessions by industry experts for adequate learning of concepts and their application. 

Program coupled with 3 months Live Industrial Internship to give a hands-on experience. 

Personalized subjective and constructive feedback on project submissions to facilitate your improvement in the domain. 

The Covid-19 outbreak has made all of us realize the importance of digitization being the need of the hour. Get to learn more about various tools and strategies such as how you can be a data-driven manager and make the profession of Human Resources Management completely revolutionized.

Join us today to get mentor-ship in the field of Human Resources Management from around 50+ Industry experts who will help you succeed and transform your career.

Always opt for a course which you find best in the terms of:

  • Syllabus
  • Faculty
  • Career Opportunities
  • Networking support
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible to learn and access

Online courses these days are getting an edge over traditional on-campus courses due to the above-mentioned counterparts. It is always advisable to choose a course very carefully after assessing all the key pointers as to what satisfies your needs and also, introspecting your strengths and weaknesses. 

Qualities of good HRM - Career in Human Resources Management


Well, now you have this ultimate guide which briefs you about a career in human resources management and its functions in an organization, what are the options available in a career in human resources management, Salary in Different Human Resources Management job titles, where and what to study to gain expertise in HRM and other career aspects that will help you grow in your career in Human Resources Management.

Though the pandemic has caused disruptions with a career in human resources management being workforce shifting to their homes and has made their roles a little difficult to perform as face to face communication has been confined to video conferencing and emails but the drive towards digitalization is making it all apt by using various tools and are hence trying their best to keep their workers productive, motivated, engaged and connected—all factors that are moving targets in the new normal.

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