How to Ace Google Data Scientist Interview in 4 Easy Stages

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Introduction to Google Data Scientist Interview

“What or Who is Google?”  or even a Google Data Scientist or what happens in a Google Data Scientist Interview?” may seem like a question that only people who’ve been living under a rock would ask. Of course, everyone knows who Google is. It’s nearly impossible to avoid using any of their products or services which actually make your daily life easier. 

Google, is a significant technological business with a broad and solid presence in the information technology sector. Google bases all of its decisions on data. As a result, gathering and analyzing massive data sets is critical to the company’s success. For Google, this is where data scientists come into play.

Every data scientist aspires to work for a large tech business, and Google is one of the greatest. Google already has a diverse set of services and a massive client base, all of which create gigabytes of data each day. Perhaps you and we account for a part of that huge data set. To manage and comprehend such vast amounts of data, Google will require a large number of data scientists. And that’s good news for you!

However, a Google data scientist interview is extremely competitive and tough to get. Fortunately, enough people have successfully completed the Google data scientist interview process to share their insights and suggestions. Sometimes it’s easier to walk a paved road—a road paved by many successful professionals after a Google Data Scientist Interview. 

Continue reading to find out not only what it’s like to interview for a data scientist position at Google, but also how you can come out triumphant. 

Google Data Scientist Interview Process specifics

Google Data Scientist Interview

We hope that you’re aware of how to apply for jobs at google. If not, don’t fret. You can visit

If you clear their initial screening after submitting your application on the Google careers page, a Google recruiter will contact you through email with a prescreen questionnaire following your application review.

A phone call from the recruiter follows. They usually tell you about the Google data scientist position and try to figure out how you fit within the Google culture. Following that, a technical screening is performed in which a data scientist or hiring manager questions you in the Google Data Scientist Interview.

This could last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. If you pass this, you will be contacted for an on-site interview (but post-Covid it usually happens remotely). Let’s go over each level in depth.

The Recruiter Connect

Google Data Scientist Recruiter Connect

The initial screen is often a 30-minute phone interview with a recruiter during which they outline the job role, duties, and examples of different Google teams before asking whether you want to pursue the data science position. You get to talk with the recruiter during this interview, and the recruiter learns more about your skills.

This preliminary interview is similar to the initial screening process used by other tech corporations such as Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.

A recruiter may approach you based on your LinkedIn profile or if someone he or she knows has introduced you to the organization. However, it is always advisable to message recruiters on LinkedIn and apply for opportunities through Google’s Career website for Google Data Scientist Interview.

If you are a candidate with strong Data Science and Algorithmic skills, it is highly suggested that you join Google Kickstart, Google’s employment competition held six times a year. If you do well in those competitions, recruiters will simply contact you.

Technical Screening

Google Data Scientist Technical Screening

The technical screen is usually conducted via video conferencing with one of Google’s Data Scientists. The questions asked in this interview generally focus on topics such as experimental design, statistics, and probability. 

You can also expect a few questions on machine learning, AI, deep learning, data science-based reasoning questions, and some coding questions (A/B testing, SQL, Python, and Java). 

The interviewer may also deep dive into the technical aspects of your past research and work experience and discuss what problems you faced and your approach to solving them. “For a sample size of N, the margin of error is 3. How many more samples are we going to need to get the margin to 0.3?” and “Create a reverse string function.” for example, are technical questions that have been asked in the past.

Google’s On-Site Interview

Google Data Scientist On-Site Interview

The final stage of the Google Data scientist interview process is the onsite interview, which consists of a loop of five 45-minute interviews with professionals ranging from product managers to data scientists and business leaders. 

This last round will analyze your leadership characteristics, how you negotiate workplace ambiguity, and whether you’ll be a culture match, in addition to technical and situational questions.

Three brief suggestions for the Onsite round:

  • Explain your approach to the problem, not just the solution.
  • Do not be afraid to clarify any points with the interviewer.
  • Prepare an answer for the hackneyed “Why Google?” question from the firm’s HR department.

What to expect after?

Expectations after Google data scientist Interview

After your interviews, Google will compile and review everything from your application and interviews. In order to make a choice, Google considers a variety of factors. It also makes logic. If they determine you’re the best applicant for the job, your recruiter will make you an offer.

After you accept the offer, the Google onboarding team will assist you through remuneration, benefits, badges, insurance, and other details.


Data scientists who have gone through a Google data scientist interview process have stated that the company asks a lot of situational questions about its products, so familiarizing yourself with Google’s suite of products and services and spending some time evaluating them is beneficial because the company wants to see that you’re a holistic thinker.

To summaries, focus on properly preparing your CV for the initial screening. Brush up on your statistics, probability, and machine learning theory for the technical screen. Also, be prepared to answer a few SQL/Java/Python code questions as they are important in Google Data Scientist Interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a Google data scientist interview process?

For two months, the Google data scientist interview process includes four to nine interviews. This is a far cry from the ten or more interviews that many other companies conduct over the course of six months or a year. It used to take six to nine months for Google to hire a new employee, and candidates had to sit through 15 to 25 interviews.

Is a Google data scientist interview hard?

Google Data Scientist Interview is notoriously difficult. A wide range of issues is covered, however, the questions are tough to answer because they are exclusive to Google. According to INC, Google receives 2 million job applications per year, making it more competitive than Harvard University. The way you approach your Google Data Scientist interview Preparation might make all the difference when applying for a job with Google’s Data Science division.

How many stages does a Google data scientist interview have?

Screening of resumes, phone screenings, on-site interviews, hiring committee reviews, and executive reviews make up the majority of Google’s hiring process. Each stage of the hiring process has its own significance, but phone screenings (1-2 rounds) and on-site interviews are the toughest and most critical (4-5 rounds). Passing rates range from 15 percent to 20 percent during these 45-minute interviews.

How do you get selected after the Google data scientist interview?

Mathematical concepts such as Statistics, Algebra, and Calculus should be revisited. Get a Data Science education. There is no better way to get started than DataTrained’s Data Science training classes. Invest in your soft abilities. Consider going back to school. Prepare yourself for the job market ahead of time. This will help you in your Google Data scientist interview.

How to do my Google Data Scientist interview preparation?

To have an excellent Google Data Scientist Interview preparation, you need to become familiar with the history of Google, including its founders, mission, products, and team, by reading about it. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the team and the position you’d be filling.

Be able to discuss each and every aspect of your CV in relation to the requirements of the job posting. Make a 30-second pitch explaining why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Make a good impression on others by promoting your services. Make a commitment to the job, not the organization. Don’t overthink it; just be yourself.

Does Google Hire Data Scientist?

Google works with a lot of data to build their products and services, thus they need a lot of data centers and a lot of data workers. As a result, the position of Google Data Scientist is one of the few career paths that Google actually cherishes. There are a number of Google data science interview that are critical to Google’s operations.

Data scientists are hired by Google to support services and products that rely on user data, such as search results, targeted adverts, and traffic data for maps. A Google Data Scientist creates the algorithms that enable these services and thinks of new ways to use data.

How much does a Google Data Scientist make?

The typical Google Data Scientist salary is ₹13,61,732 per year. Google Data Scientist salaries can range from ₹2,80,812 to ₹73,35,989 per year. This estimate is based upon 45 Google Data Scientist salaries provided by the employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Google Data Scientist can expect to make an average total pay of 14,17,098 per year.

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