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Learn all about the Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program | DataTrained


The Google Cloud Ready Facilitator program awaits your readiness. We will examine the ground-breaking Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program in this post and show you how it may advance your cloud knowledge. Professionals in the IT sector now need to grasp Google Cloud due to the rapid evolution of cloud computing.

You have a rare opportunity to get certified as a Google Cloud expert and receive in-depth training through the Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program.

Participation in this program comes with access to cutting-edge resources designed specifically for facilitators like yourself; support from experienced leaders who know what it takes; and membership within a supportive community with other participants just as driven as you are. By sharpening your own skills and mastering the art of facilitation you’ll gain the power to help others achieve their own goals – making this program a true investment in your future.

What Is Google Cloud And What Services Does It Offer?

What Is Google Cloud And What Services Does It Offer

As modern-day enterprises rely heavily on application performance and deployment speed; there exists one solution that stands out –Google Cloud- offering a robust portfolio of cloud-based services recognized as “Google Cloud Platform” or GCP for short.

It offers a diverse range of infrastructure options along with powerful platform services making it easy for anyone – from individuals creating apps for funsies to large businesses looking to enhance their digital presence – to create deploy and manage their cloud applications effortlessly. It’s no surprise that many are turning to Google Cloud with its technology-packed platform featuring scalability, security, and cost efficiency. Advanced tools like machine learning and analytics provide individuals with deeper insights for informed decision-making.

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Google Cloud Provides The Following Services

  1. Computing: Serverless computing (Cloud Functions), managed containers (Kubernetes Engine), and virtual machines (Compute Engine) for executing workloads.
  2. Data Management: Google Cloud provides various storage options for managing and storing your data including Google Cloud Storage. It also provides tools for data integration and data movement.
  3. Networking: Services for building and maintaining networks include load balancing, DNS, and virtual private clouds (VPC).
  4. Big Data & Analytics: Tools like BigQuery for data warehousing and analysis, Dataflow for real-time and batch data processing, and Pub/Sub for messaging and event-driven systems.
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Pre-trained models, specialized machine learning models, and APIs for voice, translation, speech recognition, and other functions.

What is Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program

What is Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program

In order to help your peers explore cloud computing as a profession and so become #GoogleCloudReady, the Google Cloud Ready Facilitator program will provide you the chance to serve as a mentor (or “Facilitator”) for them.

You will get the chance to launch your cloud-based career and gain practical experience with Google Cloud through the Google Cloud Ready Facilitator program. Google Cloud is the technology behind popular programs like Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube.

You will practice and learn about big data, machine learning, and computing along the road while utilizing the cloud. If you run into trouble, you may ask your “Facilitators” for assistance who have received specialized training in using Google Cloud.

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Why Should One Attend This Program?

Why Should One Attend This Program

One should attend this program to acquire sufficient and concise information about the various Google Cloud apps and how to apply them to further your career with the aid of the Google Cloud Facilitator Program. With the aid of this curriculum, you will study application development, big data, and machine learning.

Who Should Attend This Program?

Who Should Attend This Program


All of you who want to improve your abilities and become an authority on Google Cloud. You may join and profit from the Google Cloud Facilitator Program if you wish to alter and advance your career with its assistance. You can join and gain from it whether you’re a new member or have some experience.

What Is The Minimum Requirement For This Program?

What Is The Minimum Requirement For This Program

There are a few requirements for you to enroll in this program:

  • There has to be access to a working internet connection and a laptop with the most recent Chrome version.
  • You should be above 18 years of age and should be enrolled in a higher education institution in India.
  • It is a must to be a student in the institutions selected by Google or must have been referred by any of the “ Facilitators” that are part of the program.

Syllabus of The Program

Syllabus of The Program

The program aims to introduce you to Computing, Application Development, Big Data, and Machine Learning through Google Cloud’s Qwiklabs training platform, where you will learn each of these topics through self-paced labs that provide you with temporary credentials to Google Cloud Platform, enabling you to learn the cloud using the real thing — no simulations.

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Let’s Learn About Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program in Detail

We all know that cloud computing is a growing technology these days, and IT firms all over the world are switching their old technology to the cloud. As a result of this sudden change, cloud engineers are in more demand. You may now discover GCP services and apply for these possibilities by using the resources that will be supplied to you.

You are presently in your university period, which implies you have a solid theoretical understanding. However, specific industrial abilities are required to establish your profession.

To obtain those industry skills, you may start with the Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program.

You will begin with Google Cloud Study Jams, where we will do your instruction. In Cloud Study Jams, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of Google Cloud and give you a head start on each of the three tracks required to complete the program. We will cover some hands-on practice labs in each session, and at the conclusion, we will start you on the path to earning your Qwiklabs quest badges for each track in the #GoogleCloudReady Facilitator program.

After completing all three classes, you may onboard your institution colleagues and assist them in beginning their trip to the cloud. You will assist them in delving further into what you have previously studied and completing their Qwiklabs tasks as you did.

By successfully completing The Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program, you position yourself as an accomplished candidate equipped with indispensable technical expertise coupled with soft skills sought-after by leading companies/organizations. 

These crucial abilities include leadership acumen, conflict resolution proficiency, and team-building expertise amongst others. Additionally, achieving certain milestones during your training earns you a distinguished “Certificate of Appreciation” from Google that adds great value to your CV along with other fantastic Google Cloud merchandise. Your friends who engage in the program will also get rewards for reaching specific program milestones.

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If success is what you’re after – whether it is climbing the ranks at work or landing your ideal job consider enrolling in the Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program.

In order to advance your career prospects within this thriving global market demand for expert qualified professionals; enroll yourself into the educational powerhouse that reigns supreme- the “Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program.” This program provides mentorship opportunities along with access to cutting-edge technology training modules that hone critical skills and promote the sharing of ideas within the community.

You may gain practical skills and receive a recognized certification by using Google Cloud’s vast variety of services and the program’s organized curriculum. By participating in this program, you can remain ahead of the competition in the cloud market and use the power of Google Cloud technology to push your professional advancement. Also, Check out the Official page of Google Cloud Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google Cloud Ready facilitator program?

With the assistance of the Google Cloud Facilitator Program, you will get appropriate and precise information about various Google Cloud apps and how to use them to further your career. With the assistance of this curriculum, you will study Application Development, Big Data, and Machine Learning.

Is the Google Cloud facilitator program free?

Teach your pupils about Google Cloud and prepare them for a world that is cloud-first. Free Google Cloud credits, training, curriculum, and communities are available.

What are the rewards of the Google Cloud facilitator program?

This program will provide users with free Google goods, Google badges, Google Cloud certification, and free access to Google programs depending on the completion of quests and skill badges.

What are 30 days of the Google Cloud facilitator Program?

The 30 days of the Google Cloud facilitator program will help you get an opportunity to kickstart your career in the Google Cloud and get hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform, the tool that powers apps such as Google Search, Gmail, and Youtube.


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